Skull Kid Game

Skull Kid Game

Skull Kid Game: One of Many Great Flash Titles

Flash games aren’t new to the world of gaming, and in fact, a lot of indie developers find their start in this format. However, much like bigger name publishers, genres, and titles, there are great games, and there are those that are a bit sub standard. The key here is the same key that lets all gamers play quality titles: you just have to know which titles are good to play, and which ones are to be avoided. On that note, here is a list of some high quality flash games online today, starting with the Skull Kid game, and moving towards many other different genres in flash.

If you’re looking for a fairly dumb title, with fun gameplay and no need to stretch your brain cells, then the first game that you should look at is Skull Kid. Put basically, the game is about fighting your way through an office building filled with office workers. Your basic weapon is the chainsaw, but between the three different titles, many other weapons have been added on. Everything from the basic pistol to the grand minimumis in the game, when the title moved to its sequels, even more were added. The game is side scrolling, so that means there won’t be much time to look around, but it does make up for that with a cover system, shooting mechanics, as well as decent AI. Overall, it is a game that will fritter away a few minutes on your desktop.

Moving on to less violent games, Diner Dash is another title that you should look into. The game is basically a restaurant simulator, with you controlling the protagonist Flo throughout each stage. The aim is to acquire enough points to pass each level, but at the same time, gaining enough tips to improve your restaurant. The number of points you get is determined by how well you chain combos, as well as how fast you serve customers. On top of that, you can also choose and buy three different locations that range from classic diner to classier restaurant. Overall, it can be an addictive game, and a lot of people have found the protagonist charming in a way. It has spawned several sequels and spinoffs so if you get sick of the vanilla version game, you can try the other ones. Cooking Dash and Wedding Dash are particularly fun titles to play.

Plazma Burst, while being a side scrolling shooter as well, is much different from Skull Kid. While Skull Kid really uses the side scrolling effect to the maximum, while Plazma Burst takes the platforming approach more seriously. It has a variety of single player weapons, tons of enemies, and keeps you entertained with challenging shooting that is mixed with highflying jumps. The game, however, isn’t for everyone because of the challenge of the controls. If you are able to improve your skill though, there is also the multiplayer to try out, which can extend the lifespan of the game in spades.

These are only three of some of the best titles in flash gaming, and while entertaining, there are many other gems waiting to be found. A little digging might be required on your part, but if you do it well you will have some of the most awesome titles for no charge at all.

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