Skull Kid

Skull Kid: Reviewing a Crazed Chainsaw wielding Skull Kid

Cover Based Shooting has become a big part of shooter games now, and the fact here is that it isn’t going away any time soon. Of course, flash games are a little limited to how much they can offer, however, there are titles that make an effort to bring new gaming concepts, like cover based shooting, to the flash gaming scene. Skull Kid is one of those games, albeit a very short game, but it remains very fun anyway. On top of that, it is also a free title, so playing it is just a matter of finding the right website that offers it.

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The Basic Review

When this game’s length is brought up, the fact is that it is extremely short. In under a few minutes, one can finish the game and take out the last boss without so much of a sweat. This is primarily because the game, while being very well made, is essentially a freshman effort into design. That does not remove points however, as it won’t keep you busy for hours on end. Rather, it’s a perfect example of what a burst game is. The mechanics are a bit slow, and the character movements a little choppy, but it is still one of those games that should pique your interest. Firstly, it is a side scrolling game, going from right to left, then in reverse through an office building that contains a few hapless workers. The first weapon made available to you, is the chainsaw, which you can use to great effect on the enemy, as well as to object that get in your way. On the second level you are given a gun, and this is where the flash game cover system comes in.

One important thing to note playing this game, however, is that the cover mechanics function more closely to those in the old Time Crisis titles, in which you are only allotted one space, and you can pop up to shoot. At the same time, your enemies will also have superior arms, and each weapon they wield will have their own strengths. The Kid on the other hand, is only armed with the basic pistol, and can only whittle out parts of the enemy’s life. This ups the challenge a bit because a few hits from the automatic weapon will immediately kill The Kid.

Overall, the game is very short, and lacks a bit of content. The cover mechanics are solid, and provide a bit of a new spin to the usual suspects in flash game shooters. There is not enough in this game to keep you replaying it, as the charm does wear off a bit quicker than you think. If you find that the first run through was not enough, then there are two other sequels that you can jump to if you feel a little bored of the first one. While alone Skull Kid doesn’t get a recommendation, the series does. It’s one of those games that are better off tried together, and with each lasting only a few minutes, they will be the games that let you burst every once in a while.

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