Skull Kid Cheats

Skull Kid Cheats

o matter how far you stretch out, there have always been cheats in games. Sure, in some titles, you might need to purchase them but the plain fact is that there are still cheating methods in the games you play. Even casual titles will often have one or two key loopholes that make the game so much easier. Of course, some people will mention that cheating is a no fun way to play a game, but with the difficulty of games like Skull Kid 2, it’ll be completely alright if you need Skull Kid cheats. There are a few that are for fun, while other automatically break the game by making the challenge way too easy, so as a disclaimer, use these cheats sparingly as you might end up not enjoying the game anymore.

Improving your Fighting Capability

In Skull kid, you will have access to the chainsaw, which is probably the first level weapon. Over time, you will procure new weapons in the form of firearms and with a little help, you can improve these weapons quite easily. First off, guns are subject to the scrutiny of ammo count, so it would be a hassle to keep replacing your main weapon. If you feel like you’re comfortable with the main gun you already have, then all you have to do is to type in “flcl” into the game and hit enter. This will give you infinite ammo for any current weapon you may have. The second infinite ammo cheat involves attaining the most powerful gun in the game, which is the Minigun. Type in “minnie” and you’ll have little skull kid armed to the teeth, with an unlimited supply of minigun bullets. If, however, you feel as if infinite ammo isn’t your thing, then maybe a little help in the form of laser guides will be more your style. Typing in a quick “guide” will reveal will unlock all your weapons with laser guiding sites so that it’s a bit easier to make the perfect hit.

Skull Kid’s Body Mods

Like any other title, there are many ways by which you can improve Skull Kid’s performance. Running faster, while seemingly unneeded, is actually a step up and will help you fight off the hordes of enemies heading your way, just type in gump and find out if this one’s for you. For those that like to avoid fights through jumping, just type in hop to quadruple the height by which Skull Kid can jump. Lastly, you can also extend Skull Kid’s reach by typing in armstrong, which will help you deal with enemies with the addition of range.

However, if you feel as if these mods are a little too weak, you can always try to change up the damage Skull Kid puts out. With the magic word arnold, you’ll be able to deal out heavy damage with any weapon, without any other mod whatsoever. Couple that with ‘newyorkminute’ and you’ll be slow motion murdering enemies at a startling fast pace. Remember, however, using these cheats might lessen the games thrill, so why not just use these for when you’re done with the game.

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