Skull Kid 3

Skull Kid 3

Skull Kid 3: Quick and Easy Gaming

Skull Kid 3 is one of those games that you just play for a short time, while still having an awesome time playing it. Regardless of the length, it does have some key elements that make it shine as a title, while being just long enough so that you don’t get sick of them. The basic rundown is that you are Skull Kid, and your mission involves taking your chainsaw, minigun, or any gun at all, and use it to take out a lot of office workers. There isn’t a premise to the game, because that’s about it, and there’s never any real explanation as to why you’re doing this. However, that is the beauty of it because you aren’t weighed down by heavy handed drama, or with deep philosophies. Instead, you just play the game, much like the older titles during the early 80′s.

Why Small Packages are Good

Games today, are often aimed at endless replayability, as evidenced by the many shooters that tack on multiplayer to their titles. If you notice the trend, even the games that were aimed at the single player were eventually co-opted for multiplayer. Skull Kid is not one of those titles, and it shows by the short game and lack of an online option. However, this is not a bad note on its part because the game has enough punch for it to be good fun. It has simplistic controls, and the combat isn’t too taxing for old gamers. For new gamers, this combat won’t be a nightmare, but those few minutes can be expounded into 10. Another charming part of the game is that it is also a side scrolling adventure, which is, once again, highly reminiscent of old school gaming. This small presentation and scale really show off how a game can be short, but very pleasing at the same time. It isn’t all about how long you should spend on game time and this game is the proof of that.

Simple Flash Game Mechanics

Another charm about the game is that it doesn’t need a high scale system. You also won’t need to buy a subscription, or pay for your hours. The beauty of these games is that they are totally free to play, and can run on the most basic of computers provided there is a decent enough video card installed. This is the key to why flash games are so easy to pick up, and why developing them is much easier. On top of that there are countless different titles you can try out for yourself. Skull Kid 3, is itself, a part of a series of games, and that means that the developer really wants to keep churning out new ideas. The same can be said about a lot of other flash games because a lot of them have spawned series as well. Surprisingly enough, while flash games are a tad easier to make, they are also often of a high quality, and have well thought out controls and mechanics which can be very engaging. So if you want to try a totally different side of gaming altogether, why not check out Skull Kid, along with the many other titles and genres in flash gaming?

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