Skull Kid 2

Skull Kid 2

Skull Kid 2: The Sequel to a Slightly Disturbing, yet fun, Shooter

Games have always tread dangerous waters mostly bordering on new ideas as well as touching more sensitive materials like war and race. At times, it also tries to compensate through gore like many other B-movies before it. The main thing is that games are often as varied as any other field of entertainment. While some use gore as a means to express great pain and problems, there are other titles that simply use gore as a medium for stylish visuals. This is where Skull Kid falls into, and it does so with simple style and without excess.

The Bloody Charm of Skull Kid 2

The first warning that should be given to you is that the game is not for kids to play. While it is just simple fun, it’s still composed of gore scenes, so if you’re a bit sensitive make sure not to let kids play it. Another thing that will repel children is that it’s a bit more mature in terms of content besides the gore. Besides that, if you enjoy a quick romp through a fairly cutesy landscape, but with a violent and disturbing twist, then this game brings that charm to the table. You see, you play as the title character Skull Kid, and your mission is to kill everything on every level you get to. As Skull Kid, you will be able to do this with a variety of weapons, the first being the iconic chainsaw. As you progress, your weapons will get much better and much more fun to use. At the same time, they also become integral in warding off more and more enemies as they attack more viciously and with more numbers. The main charm of this game is that the more enemies that you face, the better the challenge ahead of you.

Of course, while does have its challenges, it is still a light and casual game. So at the end of it, the challenge can be limiting. It’s not going to make you pass through the eye of a needle just to finish it. Instead, you are treated to a comparatively breezy romp. However, it will be a fun experience, regardless of how easy it may be. For newer gamers, it might not be an easy challenge, as it does try its best to keep both players entertained. Since this is the case, newer players might not find the challenge to their tastes.

At the end of it, this game gets a recommendation, and this one doesn’t stand alone either. Skull Kid has had two spin sequels, both of which function similarly to the original, but bringing something new at the same time. As this is the case, if you get bored of the original, you can continue Skull Kid’s story and with new weapons and abilities with each game, you’ll be able to enjoy variation with each, without compromising the gameplay you’ve grown to love. There is enough here for a lot of people to enjoy and while it is light on replayability, the sequels make sure you have something new to do once the original is over.

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